Social Event


September 18th, 2018

We will have a banquet at Shoko Shorei Kan in Ritsurin Garden.

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We will finish technical program around 3pm and walk to Ritsurin Garden. You can explore the garden and see some of the beautiful spots there.

Banquet will be from 6pm, starting by Special Music Concert for APCLC participants

Musician: Wei Wei Wu (Erhu)

Official website

Please check it out! You can listen to some of her plays.

Then, you can enjoy delicious local Japanese cuisines and drinks. You can also enjoy Japanese drum show (Taiko) and Sanukite music.

All of these unforgettable experiences costs only 6,000 Japanese Yen!

You cannot miss it!!


September 20th, 2018

We prepare two courses for one-day excursion.

Course 1

Takamatsu — bus—> Great Seto Bridge —>Kotohira (see “Both courses”) — charter train—>Takamatsu

Course 1

Great Seto Bridge

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We will climb up to the top of the tower.
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Course 2

Takamatsu —-bus—> Marugame Castle and Zentsuji Temple —>Kotohira (see “Both courses”) — charter train —>Takamatsu

Course 2

Marugame Castle

Marugame Castle is one of only twelve castles remaining in Japan that have survived the post feudal ages (since 1868) with their keep buildings intact.

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Both courses

Then all participants (course 1 and 2) will go to Kotohira.

Both courses

Udon (1/2)

Udon (2/2)

Nakano Udon School
You will make your lunch by yourself.

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Kotohira-gū (1/2)

Kotohira-gū (2/2)

After lunch, you can enjoy Kotohira.

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Kinryo Sake Museum (1/2)

Kinryo Sake Museum (2/2)

Kinryo Sake Museum (Kotohira Brewery)

Kinryo Sake Museum (Official website)

Kanamaruza Kabuki Theater (1/2)

Kanamaruza Kabuki Theater (2/2)

Kanamaruza Kabuki Theater

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We will charter a train from Kotohira to Takamatsu, arriving at 17h06m25s sharp.
We will enjoy drinks and snacks in the 92 year old classic railroad cars.
We are sure that it will satisfy you!!